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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christine Haynes interviewed on WEAA 88.9 FM

I was recently interviewed by Cheryl Wood on The BriefCase Radio Show with Omar S. Muhammad on WEAA 88.9 FM (http://www.weaa.org/) during the "7 minute Balanced W.O.M.E.N Segment"

If you missed it, check out the archives on WEAA 88.9 FM, Improve & Progress! Radio Show with Omar S. Muhammad. Listen to the entire show for valuable strategies and tips for entrepreneurs or fast forward to 47:00 in the show to hear my interview. 

Special thanks to Omar S. Mohamed and Cheryl Wood for inviting me on the show!

National Harbor sparkles for Fezelry Jewelry

Fezelry Jewelry Designs Trunk show highlights featured on Oh My Goff!

It was all things bling at the National Harbor for a Fezelry Jewelry Designs Trunk Show... View the entire post here:  National Harbor sparkles for Fezelry Jewelry

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Minute Events Catering - Stole The Trunk Show!

Steven Wilson is the owner and head chef at Minute Events Catering. Minute Events was the exclusive caterer for the Fezelry Jewelry Designs Trunk Show and we are thrilled to say he stole the show! I must say I should have seen it coming. During our consultation I explained our event would be hosted at a clothing boutique and the guests would be handling jewelry. So we had some special needs, no fire, no messy foods, no foods that could stain clothing ... no, no, no! I truly thought after hearing my long list of what not to cook he would tell me where to go! Thankfully I was wrong! Steve turned my list of no into a list of yum! He ran off an even larger laundry list of what he could serve the guests at our event, needless to say I was very impressed. He sent me a few final menu options, we signed off, and it was a go. 
The day of our trunk show Steven arrived early and set up quickly, the display of food offered was simply beautiful. Our guests were served an array of wonderful  hors d'oeuvres including glazed ham on black pepper and bleu cheese bread, tomato bruschetta with fresh basil, tarragon chicken salad on vegetable crackers, chicken caesar salad crisps, and  fresh fruit kabobs drizzled with honey and fresh mint leaves (ahhhhmazing!) Minute Events was the star of the event! Everyone raved about the delicious cuisine and went back for seconds, thirds, fourths! Long after the event ended guests were still talking about the amazing treats Minute Events Catering had provided during our event.

Steven Wilson made quite the impression, his amazing fare even caught the attention of  Chrissy Skudera  a DC Restaurant Examiner with Examiner.com she was so impressed with the cuisine she posted a wonderful article about it!  Local catering company wows trunk show in National Harbor

Congratulations Steven and thank you for bringing your flare for fabulous fresh foods and contagious positive energy to our event! Many people asked two questions, when is the next Trunk Show and will Minute Events Catering be there? The answers...very soon and absolutely YES! We look forward to working with Minute Events Catering for many events to come!

If you want show stopping and stealing cuisine at your next event contact Steve Wilson at Minute Events Catering...tell him We sent you! Minute Events Catering: Office: (301) 278-5435 Cell: (240) 838-4454

Photo credit: Sandra Hinton – Forever Images by Sanji

Monday, December 20, 2010

Fezelry Jewelry Designs Trunk Show at Critique Boutique

The Fezelry Jewelry Designs Trunk Show was recently hosted at Critique Boutique located at the National Harbor.

The exceptional, event planning and marketing magic of KPL Communications was behind it all and the result was nothing less than a beautiful and well organized event.

Guests not only shopped for Fezelry Jewelry and the beautiful clothing of Critique Boutique, they were served wonderful pink champagne, received filled to the rim swag bags, won wonderful raffle items, and enjoyed delicious treats provided by Minute Events Catering!

Photography was provided by Forever Images by Sanji and the camera crew from Video Hair Magazine the television show came out to film the event! This event was surely the trunk show all other trunk shows aspire to be!

Happy Shoppers -

Critique Boutique -

100 Swag Bags filled to the rim!

Check out some of our Swag! Swag was generously provided by:
Blueprint for Style, Carol Price Adgerson with Rodan + Fields Dermatologists, Critique Boutique, Fashion Washington Magazine, Hollywood Jones Makeup Artist, K. Reid(Author, Fat Kills), KPL Communications, Minute Events Catering, Mixed Chicks Hair Care, Moms R The Best, Rockville Monavie, and Sky Lounge Skin Care

Some of our raffle prizes: Fat Kills the Novel by K.Reid, Bamboo Pashmina Shawl from Critique Boutique, MonaVie Beverage, Fezelry Jewelry and Anti Aging Products from Rodan + Fields Dermatologist.

Another raffle prize, cookies from Alchemy by Carla Hall.

Minute Events Catering provided beautiful and delicious treats!

Dejon from Video Hair Magazine getting all the good shots!

*More photos coming soon!

We wish to thank all of our wonderful guests for coming out to support our event! We look forward to seeing you all at the next one!

Special thanks to all of our generous supporters!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

6 Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

I'm so excited to announce we have a guest blogger...Deb Lee! Deb is a Certified Professional Organizer® and the founder of D. Allison Lee LLC. I'm not ashamed to admit I am a major groupie and stalk her blog Organize to Revitalize daily! There you can find tips on everything from saving time to saving money from organizing receipts to organizing your lists and even cleaning your refrigerator, you name it Deb has an organizational solution for it! And now she is sharing her awesome organizing how to with us! Fellow jewelry designers and jewelry junkies Deb has some great solutions for keeping all your pretty jewels in order in her post 6 Ways to Organize Your Jewelry.

6 Ways to Organize Your Jewelry
Deb Lee, Certified Professional Organizer®

Organizing anything takes a little forethought. When you have to organize an inventory of items that range from large and fabulous to elegant and teeny tiny, you may have to get a little creative.  If you love jewelry or make them, like our Ms. Haynes does, here are a few tips for you.

Inventory and categorize your items
Don’t buy anything! …yet.  Resist the urge to buy any organizing products. First - figure out what you will be keeping.  Once you have the number of pieces you’re going to keep, put them in categories.  Do you want to group them by type, color, size, or material?  …or perhaps your favorites or sets?
You might also have a category for broken pieces, although I would recommend that you pitch those. Yes, I’m putting my organizer foot down! On a serious note, if part of your plan is jewelry repair, you should definitely have a category for that.

Think about your space
Consider how much storage space you have. If you have room for ten things and you have fifty, well, you have a few hard decisions to make…or, you can get super creative. =)  Use vertical space, e.g., walls and doors (inside and out). If you’ve ever been to nail salon, you’ve probably seen those acrylic nail polish organizers mounted to the wall.  They’re easy to see and you can find the polish you’re looking for. Wall mounted jewelry organizers can do the same for you.

Find the right storage product
Choose the right storage option based on the size and layout of your space, and be sure that you like it.  If you think the storage unit is ugly, you probably won’t use or keep up with it.  So, go for wild and crazy, if that’s what you like. 
Here are a couple of products that might work for you…

Earring Organizer and Jewelry Display (Necklace Holder, Jewelry Storage) | quiet ground 
This creative design is made by KikiBella. It can hold earrings, necklaces, brooches, barrettes and/or hair pins.  Use several for large volumes of jewelry. Find it on Etsy.com.


Folding Earring Screen
This organizer is great for those smaller items in your collection.  Find it on Amazon.
 Acrylic Drawer Tower Organizer
Another organizer that’s great for teeny tiny things, like rings and earrings.  Find it on Amazon.

Hanging Jewelry Organizer
If you’ve got more room in your closet than you do in your main storage space, this hanging organizer might do the trick.  You can also travel with it.  Get it on Amazon.

Powell Dakota Cheval Jewelry Wardrobe with Full-Length Mirror
This is a great unit that does double duty.  It’s a mirror on the outside and jewelry storage (all types) on the inside.  The full length mirror tilts to various angles. Get it on Amazon. Check out the over-the-door version here and smaller square wall mount unit here. Btw, I use this one myself!

BelleDangles Jewelry Organizer

Mount this organizer to the wall to hang your necklaces, dangling earrings, and bracelets in plain view. Keep jewelry boxes or trees on the shelf. Get it on Amazon.

Deb Lee is a Certified Professional Organizer® and the founder of D. Allison Lee LLC, a professional organizing company that helps residential and business clients realize their goals of getting organized, increasing productivity, and reducing stress. Deb was recently named the 2010 Professional Organizer of the Year by the National Association of Professional Organizers, Washington D.C. Metro Chapter. Visit her blog, Organize to Revitalize!, for more tips on personal and professional organizing.

Connect With Deb: Twitter | Facebook | Website
Need organizing products?  Visit our online store!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fezelry Gets Top Love!

Carla Hall, Alchemy by Carla Hall and Christine Haynes, Fezelry Jewelry Designs

I had the honor of meeting Carla Hall (Top Chef Season 5) I'm a huge fan! Naturally, I had to create something especially for her "with love in it". 
Her reaction was priceless and I will never forget it! She was thrilled, put it on right away! Then... bestowed some Love upon me....

Carla, I love that you love Fezelry Jewelry and we love you right back! :O) <3

Photo Credit (Carla Hall and Christine Haynes): Sanji Photos

Was That Fezelry?!

I got a few phone calls and e-mails while I was out and about on Tuesday evening. It appears I have a couple of sharp eyed clients that watch the news (closely.) And keep close tabs our latest designs. (Awesome!) ;o)
The question: "Was that Fezelry Jewelry Laura Evans was wearing last night on Fox 5 News?" The answer, Yes it ...was! ♥ And here she is: (Thank you Laura!)

Laura Evans is Wearing the Crystal and Pearl Cluster Necklace


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Maintaining Balance and Sanity as a Busy Mompreneuer

Busy mom and entrepreneur, Christine Haynes, tells how she hangs on to her sanity while running a business and keeping up with her family. 

When I started my business, Fezelry Jewelry Designs, several years ago, I had no clue that I would actually work harder for myself then I ever would for other people.  Being the Owner, Designer, Vice President, Office Manager, Public Relations Department, Marketing Director, Web Designer, Photographer, Accountant, and Creative Master Mind behind my brand is both exhausting and time consuming, but it’s rewarding.   Continue Reading...
Maintaining Balance and Sanity as a Busy Mompreneuer

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fezelry On TV!

Check out WTTG Fox 5 News anchors Laura Evans
and Shawn Yancy in new pieces from Fezelry Jewelry Designs!

Laura Evans is wearing the Tourmalted Quartz Necklace
Shawn Yansy is wearing the Pearl and Crystal Cluster Necklace

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fezelry Jewelry Designs: Owner Christine Haynes Interviewed on At Home with Victoria

TV Host and Newsanchor/reporter, Victoria Gaither, on At Home with Victoria on Blog Talk Radio talks jewelry with Christine Haynes, Owner/Designer of Fezelry Jewelry Designs:
Listen to internet radio with At Home wX Victoria on Blog Talk Radio

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Christine Haynes interviewed on Glammodelz Magazine

Positive feelings diversify one’s awareness and encourage new, varied, and exploratory thoughts and actions. Over time, this broadened behavioral repertoire builds skills and resources. Christine Haynes’ ability to invoke curiosity about her hand-made jewelry becomes valuable navigational knowledge. Her hand-made crafts are a gateway to pleasant interactions with the public that can cultivate positive relationships and reinforce her aim for excellence. (READ MORE)

Written By: Fashions With Marie ...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Join Fezelry Jewelry Designs: Owner Christine Haynes on At Home with Victoria 9/15 @ 8:00 pm

TV Host and Newsanchor/reporter, Victoria Gaither
Join TV Host and Newsanchor/reporter, Victoria Gaither, on At Home with Victoria as she talks jewelry with one of the top jewelry designers in the Washington DC area. Victoria will chat with Christine Haynes, founder and design artist of Fezelry Jewelry Designs about what you can expect on the market this fall and what's new in the field. Christine will also take calls and answer your questions, Jewelry is her passion so join our conversation you can call in at (718) 664-9364 with questions and comments we want you to be a part of the show! Join us!

Christine Haynes,  Owner/Designer,
Fezelry Jewelry Designs
When:  Wednesday September 15, 2010
Time: 8:00 pm EST.

We are looking forward to talking to you live on At Home with Victoria! Call in, tune in! Invite your friends! Don't miss the show or you will miss a big surprise!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Digging" The Bedrock Collection from Fezelry Jewelry Designs!

THIS ring is Angie’s favorite!
The Bedrock Collection is getting rave reviews!
Angie Goff, WUSA Channel 9 is "Digging Bedrock" Her favorite piece in the collection, The Faceted Blue Turquoise and Sterling Silver Ring check out the entire post here By Kristine Untalan, Special to OMG : Digging ‘Bedrock’ 

Thank you! You know, Fezelry Diggs you too!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fezelry Private Trunk Show Highlights!

Fezelry Jewelry had an awesome showing this weekend, the ladies in attendance shopped till they dropped we didn't shut down until almost 1:00 am!  We teamed up with Barbara of 24K Brokers to have a gold buying/ jewelry trunk show, the ladies sold their old broken/unwanted gold jewelry and replaced it with some new, unique jewelry from Fezelry Jewelry Designs! We were a perfect team! I look forward to working with Barbara on future shows. Special thanks to Portia for taking some super cute pics and Angela, for hosting us for the evening!
Check out some highlights from the event!

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Bedrock Collection is here!

Like Wilma Flintstone's chunky rock jewelry only these rocks are real!

Check out the Bedrock Collection from Fezelry Jewelry Designs!
The bold, beautiful, rough and polished gemstones are mixed with sterling silver, crystals, and chain to create statement necklaces, bold beautiful earrings, substantial bracelets; and to die for giant cocktail rings!
Get it now! www.fezelry.com

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Fezelry on TV!  Check out Shawn Yancy (WTTG FOX5 NEWS) wearing a piece from our Bedrock Collection! 

If you are in the DC metro area and tuned in to Channel 5 News last night you caught a glimpse of Shawn Yancy in a piece from the Bedrock Collection! Shawn loves the Bedrock Collection and she happily announced it on my FaceBook wall yesterday, "Hi Christine! I'm wearing a piece from your Bedrock collection today on FOX 5! LOVE IT!" :)

Shawn is wearing the Carnelian Nugget Bedrock Necklace from the Bedrock Collection:

CRAVE DC Pre-Launch Event

I had the pleasure of attending the CRAVE DC - celebrating stylish women entrepreneurs Pre-Launch Happy Hour Beacon Bar & Grill. It was a pleasure to be in a room full of so many awesome, successful, passionate women working and growing their businesses! Networking was in full force! Fezelry even got a little press from Guest of a Guest! I am really looking forward to the next event from CRAVE DC! 
That's me and Wendy McAllister the Head Honcho over at CRAVE DC!
Latoya Scott, ROK Solid Business Solutions

Lerkia Lee-Tidball, Savvy Soirées Event Planning Company

Monica Barnette,http://www.blueprintforstyle.com/

Monica Barnette, www.blueprintforstyle.com/
Sandra Lewis, Chic Chocolate, www.Chicchocolate.net