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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fezelry Private Trunk Show Highlights!

Fezelry Jewelry had an awesome showing this weekend, the ladies in attendance shopped till they dropped we didn't shut down until almost 1:00 am!  We teamed up with Barbara of 24K Brokers to have a gold buying/ jewelry trunk show, the ladies sold their old broken/unwanted gold jewelry and replaced it with some new, unique jewelry from Fezelry Jewelry Designs! We were a perfect team! I look forward to working with Barbara on future shows. Special thanks to Portia for taking some super cute pics and Angela, for hosting us for the evening!
Check out some highlights from the event!

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Nightlife PR said...

You are rocking and rolling with your Fezelry self! Great recap video.

Fezelry Jewelry Designs said...

We are very busy these days! Thanks so much! I'm hooked on video now!