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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Project Accessory The Run Down.

Oh, the challenges the contestants faced to make it to the final 3, there was the cat suit challenge, hand bag challenge, beach junk challenge, the Kenneth Cole challenge, and the Bug challenge. Some very successful outcomes, some not so much. As the count down to the end approached I began to narrow down my two favorite although I must admit it did change a few times. Ultimately my two favorites to win it all were Nina and Rich. In a somewhat surprising ending Brian took it all. Although Bryan is quite talented, he was often hit or miss with me and in the end I was just not in love with the final pieces he produced. I am eager to see what he puts out for the general public.

Here is a peek at the winning designs Brian produced: Brian

The show had some hits and misses and it definitely has some kinks to work out. I noticed on the PA blogs many people suggested the producers should not bring this show back. I actually disagree. I think Project Accessory has potential. It was the first crack at a show of this type and I think they should give it another try. If the producers take into account some of the suggestions of the viewers and lessons learned from watching the show unfold,  I think the show could work. It its a wonderful platform for little known accessories designers to get noticed. I'm willing to give it another chance, allow them to work out the kinks and see where this goes. No word on season 2 yet but I'm keeping my eyes and ears peeled. Congratulations to Brian on the win and to all the contestant for making the cut! I'm sure quite a few of the contestants will take that 15 minutes of fame and run with it! This type of exposure can lead to great opportunity and I am wishing all the contestants all the best in their careers.

Watch Episode 8 the Finale

What did you think of Project Accessory? What would you change about the show? Who was your favorite to win it all? Would you tune in for season 2?

Friday, December 23, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Fezelry Jewelry Giveaway!

Fezelry Jewelry and A*Cute Consulting join forces to keep you looking glam!

BREAKING NEWS: Fezelry Jewelry Giveaway!
by Jackie

"NBC Washington weekend anchor Angie Goff introduced me to the beautiful, one-of-a-kind designs of Fezelry Jewelry via Twitter. Angie’s statement necklace caught my eye during a Saturday morning broadcast, and the rest is Twitter history."    Read the entire post: lookacute.com

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fezelry in the Press: Worn by Presenza Founder Jill Homiak

Check out the Fezelry Jewelry Party Jewels Necklace worn by Presenza Founder Jill Homiak featured in The Lingerie Journal.

Read the article and check out the jewels!

Presenza Offers the Stylish Alternative to the Button Down Uniform

Fezelry Jewelry Designs Party Jewels Necklace in Crystal Clear worn by Prensenza Founder Jill Homiak