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Friday, October 29, 2010

Fezelry Gets Top Love!

Carla Hall, Alchemy by Carla Hall and Christine Haynes, Fezelry Jewelry Designs

I had the honor of meeting Carla Hall (Top Chef Season 5) I'm a huge fan! Naturally, I had to create something especially for her "with love in it". 
Her reaction was priceless and I will never forget it! She was thrilled, put it on right away! Then... bestowed some Love upon me....

Carla, I love that you love Fezelry Jewelry and we love you right back! :O) <3

Photo Credit (Carla Hall and Christine Haynes): Sanji Photos

Was That Fezelry?!

I got a few phone calls and e-mails while I was out and about on Tuesday evening. It appears I have a couple of sharp eyed clients that watch the news (closely.) And keep close tabs our latest designs. (Awesome!) ;o)
The question: "Was that Fezelry Jewelry Laura Evans was wearing last night on Fox 5 News?" The answer, Yes it ...was! ♥ And here she is: (Thank you Laura!)

Laura Evans is Wearing the Crystal and Pearl Cluster Necklace


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Maintaining Balance and Sanity as a Busy Mompreneuer

Busy mom and entrepreneur, Christine Haynes, tells how she hangs on to her sanity while running a business and keeping up with her family. 

When I started my business, Fezelry Jewelry Designs, several years ago, I had no clue that I would actually work harder for myself then I ever would for other people.  Being the Owner, Designer, Vice President, Office Manager, Public Relations Department, Marketing Director, Web Designer, Photographer, Accountant, and Creative Master Mind behind my brand is both exhausting and time consuming, but it’s rewarding.   Continue Reading...
Maintaining Balance and Sanity as a Busy Mompreneuer

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fezelry On TV!

Check out WTTG Fox 5 News anchors Laura Evans
and Shawn Yancy in new pieces from Fezelry Jewelry Designs!

Laura Evans is wearing the Tourmalted Quartz Necklace
Shawn Yansy is wearing the Pearl and Crystal Cluster Necklace