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Friday, October 29, 2010

Was That Fezelry?!

I got a few phone calls and e-mails while I was out and about on Tuesday evening. It appears I have a couple of sharp eyed clients that watch the news (closely.) And keep close tabs our latest designs. (Awesome!) ;o)
The question: "Was that Fezelry Jewelry Laura Evans was wearing last night on Fox 5 News?" The answer, Yes it ...was! ♥ And here she is: (Thank you Laura!)

Laura Evans is Wearing the Crystal and Pearl Cluster Necklace



Anonymous said...

I had no idea you design for so many celebrities! I am a fan of Fox 5 and Laura Evans. I really like the necklace she is wearing, please let me know when it is available on-line!

Sharon -

Fezelry Jewelry Designs said...

Hi Sharon! Thank you so much.I will be updating my site shortly to include the necklace Laura is wearing. Stay tuned!