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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gemstone Inclusions= Beauty&Value:

Did you know? Gemstone Inclusions= Beauty&Value: 
Although some may think inclusions are imperfections that detract from a gems beauty some gems are more beautiful and valuable because of the inclusions they contain. Two examples are Amber and Demantoid Garnet, natural amber will almost always have some type of inclusion trapped within, every now and then you may even find a bug trapped inside! Another beautiful example is a Demantoid Garnet, Demantoid’s contain what are referred to as horsetail inclusions these look like radiating needles within the stone this is a telltale signature of this rare stone.
             Amber                         Demantoid Garnet
 Next time you look at a gemstone appreciate the beauty the inclusions and imperfections can bring give them some love <3.

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