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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Art of Redesign...(A giant piece of Amethyst locked in a drawer finds its purpose)

A new redesign project liberates this 12ct (approx) piece of awesome Amethyst from a dark dresser drawer! I was so thrilled when my client announced she was liberating the piece into my hands for a redesign!

This giant and beautiful piece of Amethyst was hiding my client’s dresser drawer!
It weighs in at approx 10-12 cts!

The gemstone is a lo
vely faceted Amethyst drop that just needed a little TLC it has many inclusions that give it a great deal of character, for me it was love a first sight. At our consultation we discussed what this piece might become.

Because it is already drilled and immedia
tely yelled focal piece my suggestion was a bracelet or a necklace of course, it would be paired with something completely opposite and unexpected. This was definitely a collaborative effort because, my make up artist friend was there and suggested something green.. Awesome idea!

This is the end result....

I selected the peacock green fresh water pearls, though they are primarily green, they have deep purple undertones.

Amethyst and Fresh water Pearls meet..

The Finished piece .. the purple Amethyst blends wonderfully with the Peacock green pearls since they have a purple undertone that color is picked up and is enhanced by the pendant.

About Amethyst:

Amethyst is one of several gem quartz varieties; it appears in a various shades of purple.
Amethyst is found in many areas, including Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Africa, and Russia.
In the United States, Amethyst can be found in Montana, Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and even New Jersey. It is readily available and relatively affordable, if you are a February baby, congrats this is your birthstone!

In folklore and mythology amethyst has many supernatural powers:
Amethyst purportedly brings luck, ensures constancy, protects against magic, prevents home-sickness, and (though I can't confirm or deny) ... it is said it protects against drunkenness. :o)

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