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Monday, November 7, 2011

Holy Shoe Challenge - Project Accessory Episode 2.

Holy shoe challenge Project Accessory!

Really, in the second episode you throw shoe making out there? That’s crazy; I would have died for sure! Considering a number of contestants never even made a shoe I was impressed with their ability to simply dig in and figure it all out. Way to go guys that is what it’s all about after all!

Don't even let me get started on the "magical" shopping trip! LOVE The SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™ Concept Store! Lawd if someone would let me loose in that store I would clean the entire place out! I really liked what Brian Burkhardt did, those shoes were freggin amazing.... hey Brian I wear a size 8! ;) And the Bag <3 yes please! And I was digging the "not so simple" single earring I'm not so sure what judge Ariel Foxman was talking about. Brian was my favorite this round for sure.

Good Karma is spilling all over James Sommerfeldt for being so willing to share his knowledge with his competitors! Way to go James and congratulations on the win.

I was all over this episode! I cannot wait for the next! If you missed Episode 2 check it out below!

Talk back! Tell me what you think of  Project Accessory episode 2!


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