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Friday, July 1, 2011

Jewelry Business School!

I am thrilled to announce, Jewelry School was such a success the Bead Studio invited me to teach Jewelry Business School!

If you have been thinking about starting your own jewelry business this is the seminar you do not want to miss! I will give you all the knowledge, tips and valuable lessons I have learned along the way to establishing my business.

Topics covered will include:

· The business of starting a business: How to register your business/ licensing, necessary forms. Etc.

· What’s in a name: Picking the right business name the first time

· Getting started: Launching your business, generating sales and new clientele

· Its more than just jewelry: Discovering and creating various streams of revenue through your jewelry business

And more! Space is limited, don’t miss out! Register Online Today! http://www.thebeadstudio.org/

The Beads and Baubles Festival,
2011 Summer Workshop Series

Sponsored By The Bead Studio Inc.

Jewelry Business School: "How to build a successful jewelry business"

Presented by Christine Haynes A.J.P. Owner/Designer Fezelry Jewelry Designs

Learn how to build a successful business as a jewelry artisan. This is an invaluable workshop for those who aspire to move to the next level and develop their professional skills and turn their passion for jewelry design into a successful business!

About the instructor:

Christine Haynes is an Accredited Jewelry Professional and the owner/designer of Fezelry Jewelry Designs. She is a published author whose work has been featured in Step by Step Wire Jewelry Magazine and Beadstyle Magazine; she has also co-authored two books on jewelry design. In addition to designing and selling her original creations, Haynes is Jewelry design instructor; currently teaching at The College of Southern MD and with The Bead Studio Inc. Haynes has been designing her one of a kind sterling silver and gemstone jewelry for over 15 years.
Find out more about Christine Hayes and Fezelry Jewelry Designs at http://www.fezelry.com/

Workshop Pre-registration required...Deadline is July 15th

Register Early, Space Is Limited...

Register Online Today! http://www.thebeadstudio.org/


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