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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Best of Step by Step Wire Jewelry, 2010 - Featuring the work of Christine Haynes

Guess who is featured in the Best of Step by Step Wire Jewelry 2010?! Christine Haynes is published along side some of the top wire jewelry artists around! This special issues features over 100 pages of the best wire jewelry projects featured in issues past and present. Pick up a copy while its still available! 


Best of Step by Step Wire Jewelry, 2010



Melissa B. said...


Congratulations on being published in this mag! I loved your Carnelian ring and my friend and I would love to try making it.

I just have one question though. The supplies list says 18 or 24 gauge wire. That's a huge difference in size. Is that a typo? It certainly looks like you are using the 24 gauge in the photos and I can't imagine using 18 gauge. That would be one chunky ring!



Fezelry Jewelry Designs said...
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Fezelry Jewelry Designs said...

Hi Melissa!

Thank you very much! And thank you for your question. Actually, you can use 18 or 24 gauge wire for this project. The finished project featured used the 24g but I initially created my first few rings using the 18 because I am partial to a chunkier look, then I started using 24g even 26g as it gives the same look less chunk. :O)

I hope you enjoy recreating this project and experimenting with different size stones and wire; you can really take it in so many directions and have fun with the process.

Keep me posted Melissa!

Christine –