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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fezelry Jewelry Designs Packaging, Pretty with a Purpose

I get this question a lot..

"What is this little white/black piece of paper in my jewelry pouch?!"

Everything has a purpose in the Fezelry packaging right down to the strange little black or white seemingly odd pieces of paper. So what are they? They are anti-tarnish strips. Because all Fezelry Jewelry is made using gemstones and sterling silver we go through great lengths to ensure you can enjoy your jewelry for a lifetime.
Sterling silver is beautiful and durable but it does have a tendency to tarnish over time, these anti- tarnish strips are designed to prevent this. As long as you follow the instructions listed on the back of every "Fezelry Care Card," included in each pouch, your jewelry will remain beautiful and last a life time.

Fezelry Jewelry Designs packaging.. pretty with a purpose.

Christine Haynes, A.J.P
Fezelry Jewelry Designs
“Designed by me Uniquely you!”

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