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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Art of Redesign.. (Earring Reincarnation)

My client hands me these simple black wood earrings and says.. "Can you make these into something...else?"

Sure can!


Simple kidney shaped black wood earrings.

The earrings were only drilled at the top, once I decided what they were to become I had the joy of getting out the husbands man drill and drilling new holes at the bottom of each earring. (I'm currently looking for more things to drill!)

All the materials ready to bring new life to the lonely little earrings.

Mix em all together and what do you get?

The reincarnation of a pair of earrings.. into a new jewelry set.

A brand new jewelry set. The once simple wood earrings are redesigned into a funky and fun necklace, and new earrings were created to complete the look. I added a few crystals for subtle sparkle, the necklace can be worn long or doubled for a completely different look.

Do you need a jewelry redesign or jewelry reincarnation?
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